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Attention - stock, forex , futures and option traders:

How Much More Profitable Could Your Trading Be... If You Had a Trading
Mentor With 16 Years Experience, Reveal The Same Methodology He Uses To
Uncover Trades Ready To Potentially Explode 2%, 3%, 5%, 1o%, even 20%
Within Hours?

From the Desk of
Dr. Jeffrey Wilde
Los Angeles, California

Dear Friend,
If you're interested in learning a no-nonsense step-by-step strategy to
help give you an edge in beating the markets, then please read on...

Listen, you may not know me and therefore be skeptical of what I am
about to say. Your skepticism is actually a good thing as there is so
much hype and bull shit on the market. That's why I stand by my
program with a full 56 day 100% money-back guarantee. I am that
confident in my program.
Before I give you all the details, I need to share something with you.
I used to get a real kick out of helping people who had walked into my
office doubled over in pain and 30 minutes later leave feeling much
better. It was truly satisfying and at those times and as corny as it
may sound, I felt like I had found my calling in life.
But... That's only half the story.

You see, no matter how you cut the cake
I was stuck in a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)

For starters I had to face an excruciating 2 hour commute six days a
week. After enduring all that, I found my self chained to my office
from 7AM until 8PM and was buried under a mountain of red tape and
paper work. On top of that my overhead was sky high and by the time I
got done paying taxes I truly was stuck in a J.O.B.
The bottom-line is that despite the satisfaction of helping people and
making a descent living, I still felt like there must be a better way.
A way to make more money without all the hassles of a J.O.B. But how?
Well low and behold 'Lady Luck' was smiling upon me as I trudged
through my front door after another 15 hour day and opened my mail.
Staring back at me from a 32 page booklet was a fellow that had a big
grin on his face and an even bigger ten gallon cowboy hat on his head.
This person said that making a fortune trading commodities was
practically a no-brainer. Hallelujah, my prayers were answered, so I
whipped out my credit card as fast as I could and ordered.

Boy was I excited and barely slept a wink until it arrived in my
mailbox. I knew I was soon going to be raking in the money in no-time
I had finally found my ticket out of my J.O.B. To make a long story
short, after much study and losing some money I realized being a
"Commodities Market Wizard" wasn't quite that simple.
So I decided to do what I had always done in college, crack the books
and study with a vengeance. I often worked bleary eyed all night
searching to uncover the best and simplest methods that could work in
any market condition.
Like many other traders I started by buying one of the popular charting
software programs like, Metastock, E-Signal, Realtick, TradeStation
Immediately, I got really excited and thought that all these fancy
indicators and "canned" systems were going to make me rich.

After all, it seemed so high tech and scientific. How could I possibly
go wrong?
Despite the impressive lines and graphs these indicators placed on my
charts, after a few months I began to realize that having a few fancy
lines crossover each other wasn't going to make me rich.
Frustrated but still hopeful, I went on a buying spree with a

I bought dozens of books, videos and even attended two seminars each
over $2000 by respected market "gurus".

I even ended up buying a course on day-trading for a eye-popping

The crazy thing was that even all that, all I had was a full-blown case
of information overload and was more confused than ever. And... My
credit card was taking a beating as well.

After a few months I was thankfully able to apply all this expensive
knowledge to grab a few quick points here and there. But time and time
again I missed the big moves that always seemed to take off without

It seemed like there was a major conspiracy against me and that the
big moves always happened right after I got out of my trade!

I also found that my losing trades were often way bigger than than my
losers. This left me utterly frustrated as I was certain all this work
and money would quickly pay off! What's worse was that my wife was
understandably pissed off at how much time and money I was wasting on
what I promised was a "sure thing".
After all these disappointing setbacks I began to think that I lacked
the necessary skills to get the job done. So... I decided that the
solution wasn't to try to figure things out on my own, but to use a
mechanical, "Black box" system that basically says when to buy or sell.
I figured that this would remove the stomach-churning emotions (a major
problem for me) and all the indecision. Well, what I quickly learned
(the hard way) is that this system was causing huge negative swings in
my hard earned account balance and was more than my fragile nerves
could handle.
In one final last ditch effort, I subscribed to a five high priced
newsletters and daily trade "hotlines". I figured that if I could get
all of them to agree that I couldn't lose. WRONG!!!

All I got was more confused as they all had different opinions about
the markets. What's more, they still left me with a nagging
uncertainty about how and when to best take a trade.

Amazingly after all this, I was still thinking about buying yet another
piece of software or attending another seminar!

Does any of this ring a bell for you?

The truth is half of what I bought was pure junk and another forty
percent was descent. That last 10% contained some unpolished gems that
had promising potential.

To make a long story short...

Through 5 years of exhaustive trial and error I eventually found a
combination of these gems that I could apply day in and day out in any
No I didn't find the "Holy Grail", but...

I did create a step-by-step method that 97% of traders don't know
and... When combined with sound money management techniques provided
the best results I had ever seen!

Don't take my word for it, check out how traders around the world have
been doing using my strategies. (All comments are unsolicited)

"I have turned a 1000 account to almost 4000 in 30 days"

"Dear Dr Jeff,
I started trading just over 4 years ago, and over that period I had
purchased several trading strategies. It was about September 2004, when
I came across your material, and given the small price I thought I
would give it a whirl.

Well what can I say, except that trading the forex, I have turned a
1000 account to almost 4,000 in 30 days. So how did I achieve

Simple, I read you manual & watched your videos many times, in
conjunction with paper trading so that your strategy became second
nature. I ensured that I stuck to the rules that you laid out to the
letter!. However, I did add one of my own physiological techniques,
whereby when I was having a good run, I would walk away from the market
and not trade, and during that period, I would go through the manual &
videos again to remind me of the basics, and stop me from becoming

Looking back I would gladly have paid 10 times for the strategy, and
you are truly my number one mentor in the trading arena. For those of
you who have not purchased Dr Jeff's strategy, I would strongly
recommend hat you do so, I think Dr. Jeff should easily be charging 10
times the price he is currently advertising."***

Sanjay P. London, United kingdom

"Just made $550 in March Bean meal in 2 days, $750 in Feb. Hogs a few
days ago holding it for 2 days."
"Dr. Jeff, I am getting much more comfortable with your strategy and
therefore am able to pull the trigger with more confidence.

I just made $550 in March Bean meal in 2 days, $750 in Feb. Hogs a few
days ago holding it for 2 days. I also day traded March Yen and made
$275 today and day traded the E Mini and made $200. Being from Hawaii,
I now have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Thanks again,***

Dean Hishinuma - Hawaii"

Hi Dr Jeff
"I am most impressed with the on-going support you have given so far.
Only today I took a loss on an IB trade that was by the book, except I
didn't follow your stop loss rule and dropped an extra $200 needlessly.
Like you say, Don't change the rules. When I actually FOLLOW the
rules, I'm well ahead. After all your psych. articles, I am now an
expert - except for sticking to it."***
Emmanuel Valaris

Hi Jeff, I went long on OSIP 37.83. Set my GTC for 44 and went for the
weekend. Got filled in pre-mkt today at 45. OSIP trades around 80
now. I am ready for an oxygen mask (80-45=35pts missed) but ..... it
was your methodology who was The Big Winner this time, bravo! "***
Praque, CZ

"Your approach realized a nice 7.5 points today!" "Hi Jeff, I hope that
all is well. I sometimes day trade Eminis for daily income, although
it is not used for other trades. Your approach realized a nice 7.5
points today in the SP500 mini."

British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Jeff,
"You are one of the most generous trading instructors on the web. Your
outstanding trading manual, equipped with videos, and voice messages
are easy to understand and simply put. Best of all, the trade set ups
that you teach are money makers. There were very few days this year
that I did not find a clear set up in the 20 stocks and 10 year T-Notes
that I watch. They consistently turn a profit. I also thoroughly
enjoy the trading articles you send so frequently.
You have made me a much better and confident trader and I THANK
Marty Bartholomew
Aurora, CO

For the first time I started to make money!

"After studying your Trade Secrets program and checking your daily
emails, I decided to do it and started trading your IB setups on GE.
Then I noticed a very strange thing (a good one), for the first time I
started to make money trading with your high probabiltiy setups. In
GE's strong 20 MA down trend, your IB setup with a Stochastic
divergence said to BUY (so I bought 10 call options with your stop loss
in chapter 6 & your trailing stop loss in Chapter 14), then your IB
setup said to sell (so I sold 10 put options with your stop loss in
chapter 6 & your trailing stop loss in Chapter 14). Both made money in
a matter of days. Now it looks like a double bottom is forming and I'm
waiting for the next IB setup (Stochastic went below 20).
I'm really happy that I purchased your Trade Secrets program as it has
given me greater confidence to trade with higher probability of
entering and exiting trades. Your IB setups are like having an X-Ray
machine on the market!
I planning to open a trading account for my 17 age daughter & my sons
and for them to trade your system too.
Thanks and God bless you for sharing your dynamic system to others
(especially to those who need help)."***
Janet Dela Vega
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Jeff,
"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me a
method that is second to none. I have paid for many "holy grail"
systems and they usually prove themselves worthless. Your simplistic
method works like a charm and there is no way that if one pays
attention to appropriate levels, they can't make $ everyday. I know the
method takes work and screen time but is there anything in this world
that is worth something that one doesn't have to work at. I see hope
finally, after 23 years, at the end of the tunnel. If I could give you
just one bit of advice, charge more for the method and that will make
those doubters out there give it more credence."***

Chuck Tossman

Dear Jeff:
"I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support, teaching and the
opportunity for the friendship. I got the best investment on the
dollar when I subscribed to your "Lethal Trading Secret". I appreciate
the fact that all my emails are answered very soon or same day. I found
your methodology to be extensively detailed and full of samples of
great market trades. Some of your called trades have been profitable
for me. Your charts-videos and your calm voice make the learning
process a lot easier. I was looking for these circumstances and I
found them in your sincere approach to the art of trading. All the
best, don't stop your good work!"***

Andrew Walls California

I am amazed at the amount of information you have provided for the
price I have paid

"Dr. Jeff, Thanks for such a comprehensive trading program, I am amazed
at the amount of information you have provided for the price I have
paid, are you sure I don't owe you some more? Will you please tell me
what software program you use? Thanks very much!"***
Phil Hoskins - London, England


"Hi Jeff, Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading through your manual, and
appreciate the videos and market timing numbers. I have also been down
the road of ever increasing sophisticated market analysis, without the
expected increase on the bottom line, so it was pleasing to get back to
using the simple procedures you suggest, most of which I had used
before, but not in those combinations, or with so much effect. Kind
David - Perth, Western Australia

Morning Dr Jeff, I've been listening to the two subliminal tapes over
and over while I look at charts and do my chart work. I really feel
they have made a difference. I feel more productive and more confident
and a lot more relaxed about not worrying if a trade goes against me.
I am getting better at spotting trades that fit what you're teaching me
to look for and less time trying to make every chart work.
I know the day will come when only really good trades will just more or
less smack me between the eyes. Practice and more practice will make
that happen. All the analogies you give us are so true. I had a
thought last night that trading is little steps forward a few back and
some nice home runs when they come along. Perserverence is the key no
doubt. Anyway the reason I wrote this is to ask if yu have any more of
the subliminal tapes that would be beneficial or are these two all I
need? Thanks, hope you have a great day..."
Steve Baker

$1800 profit minus my $40 commission. Trade potential was $3,100

$1800 profit "Just thought I would let you know how the bean meal trade
went - VERY NICELY! I entered a long position in Sept Bean Meal on
June 21 at 239.00. I exited the trade with a trailing stop at 258.00
on June 25 with $1800 profit minus my $40 commission. Trade potential
was $3,100."***
Mike T. Connecticut

In the past 14 trading days I've had eleven winners!

Hi Jeff,
"I have studied and used your "Trade Master" course for about 2 months
now and have found it very easy to understand and apply in the
marketplace. Using the principles you teach I have been trading the
E-Mini Nasdaq with real $$$ for about 45 days and for the past 14
trading days I've had eleven winners! I especially like the timely
follow-up e-mails you send and your accessibility by phone, which for
me is/was VERY helpful. To all prospective clients: Jeff's "Trade
Master" course WORKS!"***
Dave Ricker
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Your course is going to go down as an instant classic on trading!!!"

Dr. Jeff, I just wanted to send you an email saying thanks for a great
program - Trade Secrets!! I just got it and I wanted to let you know
you have put together a trading masterpiece!! I learned some new
trading tricks that will be a great help to me with my trading. I'm
always looking for new ways to improve my trading and your strategies
are definitely going to be a big plus. I really like the way you put
your trading program together, as it's very easy to read and
understand. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your
new course - It is a winnner! Thanks again!

Make no mistake, I had losers, but the big difference with this
approach and all the other dogs I had purchased was that my winners
became way bigger! I was no longer struggling to make a tiny 1 or 2
points and then losing 3 or 4. Instead I was finding trades that
could run potentially 5, 7, 10 or more points.

The bottom-line is that I have done
all the hard work for you!

Imagine what it would be like, if you could trade any market and know
which trades had the highest odds of putting profits into your trading

How great would it be to feel totally confident in your trading
skills and not be filled with fear and indecision?

Think how incredible it would be if you had the potential to make a
living as a trader from anywhere in the world! Forget your pain in the
ass boss and those frustrating 2 hours commutes! Instead spend your
time with your family and doing things that you really enjoy!
You are more than welcome to spend the next few years or more and tens
of thousands of dollars searching, buy why waste your hard earned money
and time?

Let's face it life is short, so why make things difficult? After all
your goal is to make money trading, not to become a full time
researcher with little to show for it.
Listen, I am betting that you are the kind of person who simply wants a
no B.S. approach to trading that isn't going to take years to possibly
master. If my hunch is right then I can definitely help.

In a nutshell I will show you 4 specific step by step strategies
spelled out in plain English that you can use day in and day out in
stocks, options, forex and futures.

What's more, you can use them equally well for swing trading, position
trading or day trading.
Oh by the way...
If you think you need to be some kind of "Computer Genius" or "Wall
Street Wizard" to benefit from this program, nothing could be further
from the truth! Regardless of your experience, I am confident I can
help you become a better trader as I will lead you step-by-step in a
clear-cut and easy to understand manner. Order Here Now!

Before we go any further, you may be thinking... "This sounds great,
but is this guy for real and can he trade? Is he just an "Armchair
Trader"?" With that in mind...

Take a look at a day of real-time calls I made while teaching a private
client. These are the same ones I will show you in my brand new "Trade
Secrets" program.
Before we get to the details let me quickly explain a few things...
Occasionally I will do a one on one private coaching session for a
client. They pick a day ahead of time and then we spend the entire day
on the phone with me giving real-time calls and analysis.

There is no way for me to cheat or make great calls after the fact as I
literally have to stick my reputation on the line each and every call.
The bottom-line is that either I delivered in front of my client or
not. There was no "well maybe we could do this or that" as I had to
commit on each and every trade and not be able to alter history if
things didn't work out later on.
Take a look at the following trades on the E-Mini Nasdaq

So how did things work out? Out of 7 trades we had 5 winners and 2

Time Buy/Sell Entry price Exit Price Exit Time Net points Net $
9:41 Sell 1526.00 1520.00 10:05 + 6 $120
10:14 Buy 1521.00 1528.00 10:54 + 7 $140
11:06 Sell 1525.50 1527.50 11:17 (- 2) (- $40)
11:36 Buy 1528.00 1532.00 11:56 + 4 + $80
13:24 Buy 1527.50 1532.00 13:43 + 4.5 + 90
14:31 Buy 1533.50 1532.00 14:40 (-1.5) (- $30)
14:57 Buy 1534.00 1541.00 15:55 + 7 + 140

Does this guarantee that you will achieve the same results? As you
know, past performance does not guarantee future results, but.... What
I am simply trying to point out is that I have a viable trading
methodology that when applied can help you trade to your fullest
potential. Order Here Now!
NOTE: The above example was just to isolate one specific market, but
you can use in stocks, bonds, commodities, futures, options or the
forex. You can also use for swing trading and longer term position
You could say that I have been there and done that and if you will
allow me to share my 16 years of extensive knowledge, I can help
prevent you from:

Wasting years in a frustrating and costly search for a useable and
profitable methodology.

Making unnecessary devastating financial mistakes that can cause you
to jeopardize the financial security of you and your family. Just a
few comments from what I teach may easily save you thousands of dollars
in potential losses!

Why learn the hard way?
It's no great secret that 95% of new traders will fail within 2 short
wallet-draining years. Yet... When you get right down to it there are
just 3 key elements YOU NEED TO KNOW to help you cash in on some of the
almost obscene profits that the elite 5% do.
Here they are:
1. Be highly skilled at using just a couple of strategies over and over
and over again. This is exactly what I teach you to do step-by-step!
2. Use unrelenting money management to maximize potential profits and
minimize losses. In a very short time from now you will know the same
tricks that many professional traders use to pull maximum profits from
each and every trade.
3. Keep fear and greed under total control so that you don't end up
"trigger happy" or "trigger shy". Trading can be emotionally draining
and psychologically demanding to say the least. The bottom-line is
that if don't get your "Mental Game" into Olympic shape, it will
sabotage all your dreams for financial success. This is why I spend a
great deal of time devoted to this area and provide you with dozens of
methods so that you can have a fighting chance at winning this game.
That's it, the 3 keys to success. Now here's the catch... If you
even screw up in any one of these vital areas you will remain destined
to join the 95% of losing traders.
The Trade Secrets Program will provide you with a detailed step-by-step
blueprint that can help you take total control over these three keys to
profitable trading.

Take a look below to see exactly what this program contains...

The Trade Secrets Manual. This is a 93 page "All Meat and No Filler"
e-book in PDF format that provides clear and concise step by step
instructions on how to quickly identify potentially profitable trade
setups. Since you can download it right off the internet, you can
literally be reading it minutes from now!

50 Video Tutorials With over 5 hours and 12 minutes of user-friendly
videos that will take you by the hand and explain each
concept in your manual in exact detail. You can watch them right on
your computer(PC or Mac) and replay, pause and view any portion you
wish over and over again in the comfort of your own home or office!
NOTE: These videos are streamed over the internet and not downloaded to
your hard-drive because of their huge size.

Take a "Sneak Peak" At Some Trade Setup Videos

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6 Video 7
Video 8 Video 9

20 Trade Secrets MP3 Audio Tutorials Imagine if you were able to have
a "Trading Mentor" with 16 years of market experience by your side and
be able to learn their most guarded secrets? With over 2 hours of
personal and candid audio mentoring you will learn what it truly takes
to be a profitable trader and how to avoid devastating trading
mistakes. I have had many traders tell me these were worth the price
of the program alone. They are that powerful!

In just minutes from now you can be learning...

An ingenious strategy that can increase your ability to spot
potential winning trades by 100%!

How to quickly cut down your risk after entry. This one tip
alone may save you hundreds, even thousands.

How to anticipate explosive potential market reversals way
before the rest of the crowd!

The secret to knowing exactly when and where to exit for
maximum potential profits. (I had to pay $10,000 to learn this!)

Discover how I pick the cream of the crop trades and how you
can too. You will only learn these invaluable insights from someone who
has been in this game along time!

Learn how to quickly assess what the trend is and the exact
strategy to exploit the situation for maximum potential profits.

Discover the exact strategies that top traders use and how
this keeps them in a very elite and profitable club year after year.

The 3 key questions you must ask before you enter any trade.
If you don't, your chances for success are very low.

Find out how to avoid wasting thousands of dollars on useless
software and over-priced courses!

How to ensure that you stack the odds in your favor to make
money trading

Learn a technique that can predict with uncanny accuracy where
the market will go to.

Learn how to quickly know what market is the best market to
trade. Simply applying this one technique can make all the difference
in the world.

For a list of frequently asked questions... (Click Here)

Let me give you some more insight into what I am going to be teaching
you over the next few weeks...
Though years of exhaustive trial and error I have come up with what I
consider the absolute best of the best. It includes 3 core elements
that can help you trade better than a majority of traders out there
without you having to waste tens of thousands of dollars and years of
your life.
1. Advanced Market Analysis techniques. Don't worry as I will break it
down for you in small manageable pieces, even if you are a total
2. Four High Probability Patterns. A huge part of my research was
finding only signals that offered the highest possibility for success
day in and day out. These are what I will explain in straight forward
detail that you will be able to easily comprehend.
3. Finally you will learn an easy to spot entry setup that is the key
to finding markets that may be on the verge of sky-rocketing towards
some potentially mouth watering profits.

So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

If you take a look around you can't help but notice the endless amount
of courses, books and videos available and I am sure that you also
noticed some of the "Jaw-Dropping" prices they command! It is not
uncommon to pay $500, $1,000, $2,000 or more for a 100-200 page manual
and if you need help from the author that is going to cost you another
couple of grand.
I could easily charge you what others are asking and you would feel
that it was money extremely well spent, but... As a part of a very
special limited market release promotion:
Your entire investment is...

... Only [DEL: $297 :DEL] $147 if you enroll by
Order Here

Even at $297 , I'm sure you'll agree this is a very fair and affordable
Think about this...

All you have to do is make a tiny 3 points with one contract in the
S&P E-Mini or make $1.00 on a 150 share trade or 15 pips on one forex
trade to pay for the course.

What would it be worth if I could help you avoid $1000's of dollars
of costly and avoidable mistakes brought on by inexperience?

Listen... If you are really serious about being in the elite 5% of
traders, than isn't your success worth this almost negligible
Are You Still Thinking About It?
Ok, well let me give you a gentle arm twisting in the way of 3 Extra
Bonuses valued at well over $900!

For the next 50 traders that are doers and dedicated to their success,
I am offering the following 'Fast Action' Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Personal e-mail and telephone support

When is the last time you were able to get help and advice from the
author of a book or course? Probably never unless you paid $1,000 or
more for the program. While my time is my most precious asset, I feel
that this an essential ingredient to enable you to meet and exceed your
trading goals and dreams.

Most trading vendors hide like an ostrich in the sand and pray that you
will never call. Thus they don't offer their phone number. I welcome
your calls as often I find that I can clear up a question for you in 2
minutes versus a series of lengthy e-mails. Go ahead and call me, my
number is 323-465-6337. I am a real person and happy to speak to you
and share my 16 years of experience. ($250 per hour value)

BONUS #2: Free Course Upgrades
You may not think that this is such a big deal but consider this...
Try going to a book shop and purchasing a trading book and see if they
will give you every new edition for the next 10 years or more for free.
NOTE: This only pertains to downloadable internet versions.($500 value)
BONUS #3: Free Ongoing Education
As a member of the Trade Secrets Program you will also receive many new
trading lessons to help reinforce what you are learning in your manual.
I will also share with you invaluable market insights that I have
gathered over 16 years and thousands of hours watching the markets

To give you an example... I often put out new trading videos that
highlight, demonstrate and teach you how to use the program for maximum
profits. I never rest on my laurels and am constantly striving to make
your learning experience and trading results better than your greatest
expectations.($250 per year value)

My Iron-Clad "100% Money-Back Guarantee!"

I guarantee you will not find another program that can help
deliver such potentially huge profits at such an affordable price! If
you take the time to learn the techniques and make a whole-hearted
effort to apply them and still can't honestly say it's one best trading
programs you have ever seen I will return 100% of your money.

You have a full 56 days to take my program for a complete test drive.
So... You have nothing to lose because all the risk is on my part.

Quite frankly I don't think you will ever want to return the course
once you see just how good it really is compared to other programs.
I have a file cabinet bursting with unsolicited e-mails from all over
the world telling me how this program blows everything away in terms of
strategies, support and quality.

One final thought...

99% of successful people, whether in sports, business or any endeavor
at one time or another had a mentor or a coach. Why go it it alone,
when I am willing to help you each step of the way?
If everything I have discussed sounds fair and reasonable, then I
invite you to enroll now and take advantage of my 16 years of solid
research and personal guidance. Go ahead and take action now so you
can begin taking possibly some of the best trades of your life.


To Your Trading Success!

Dr. Jeffrey Wilde

P.S. Are you still unsure about ordering? Please click here now!

P.P.S. Remember this: With my Trade Secrets Video Program you can cut
years off of your learning curve. With your early registration you save
a whopping $150.00 the regular price, so be sure to click the order
button and enroll now.
P.P.P.S. Just so you know I'm not full of hot air, here are some
comments from some of the many people I have already helped. All
comments are unsolicited and on file. Read through them and take the

This is the best program I have ever seen! Thanks Dr. Jeff! I have been
away from the computer for quite awhile and just checked my E-Mail last
Thursday. I watched your video at that time and printed out each chart
example then wrote the text that you said in MS Word. Thursday I used
it in the late afternoon, which is the only time I had to trade and
made $310.00! I did it again Monday afternoon and Tuesday and made
$180.00 +. I missed several trades Tuesday because I the market went
sideways and didn't catch my stop for several bars, so I canceled. It
then did a good trade . This happened two or three times. If I'm not
positive of the setup I don't trade. I haven't lost but $30.00 in those
3 days of trading. WOW.
God Bless - Kirk Krest

"I made 300% on an option play from your PCLN pick!"

"Hi Jeff, I wanted to tell you I made 300% on an option play from your
PCLN pick. I am getting excited about the future using your system.
Thank you!!!"
Gary Lane

Dear Jeff
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the course ..
It's just beautiful. Between yesterday and today (July 15 2004), I made
3 good trades using your setups and was able to accumulate 10 points on
ES mini per lot .
Thanks A bunch :) "

"I am almost through my first reading
of Trade Master and I am very impressed!" "Hi Dr. Jeff,
You are awesome to give me a subscription to your new "Market Reversal"
Newsletter and for all of the other items that you have given to me
(eg. videos - which are great to have and are well done). I am almost
through my first reading of Trade Master and I am very impressed."
KK British Columbia Canada

"Hi Dr. Jeff, I have recently purchased your course and am working
through it. I have just had some dental surgery so have been a bit out
of it. What I wanted to let you know is to thank you for your
continued education as you promised when one purchased your course.
You have no idea how valuable this is and for that, once again I would
like to thank you for 'overdelivering' and your continued hand holding
support. I look forward to my education with you. Thank you!"
A Hirji - British Columbia, Canada

"Jeff, I really appreciate all you have done. It is nice to see
someone who offers a product and not come back after a week or so and
say now you must join this subscription for over 100.00 a month or buy
this product for 1,000's of dollars to really be successful. You came
back with something extra. You do not know how refreshing that is! So
many traders say they want to help you and all they are after is more
and more money. Thanks again and for once I can say I am looking
forward to what is next. I have watched your videos. They are very
good. Short and Sweet!"
WBB Colorado

"Morning Dr Jeff, I've been listening to the two subliminal tapes over
and over while I look at charts and do my chart work. I really feel
they have made a difference. I feel more productive and more confident
and a lot more relaxed about not worrying if a trade goes against me.
I am getting better at spotting trades that fit what you're teaching me
to look for and less time trying to make every chart work.
I know the day will come when only really good trades will just more or
less smack me between the eyes. Practice and more practice will make
that happen. All the analogies you give us are so true. I had a
thought last night that trading is little steps forward a few back and
some nice home runs when they come along. Perserverence is the key no
doubt. Anyway the reason I wrote this is to ask if yu have any more of
the subliminal tapes that would be beneficial or are these two all I
need? Thanks, hope you have a great day..."
Steve Baker masterpiecequestrian@msn

"Jeff - Thanks for your course and prompt reply. Just took 10 points
out of the dow after the second setup bar Great!!"
Name withheld upon request - United Kingdom

"Your approach realized a nice 7.5 points today!" "Hi Jeff, I hope that
all is well. I sometimes day trade Eminis for daily income, although
it is not used for other trades. Your approach realized a nice 7.5
points today in the SP500 mini."
British Columbia, Canada

$1800 profit "Just thought I would let you know how the bean meal trade
went - VERY NICELY! I entered a long position in Sept Bean Meal on
June 21 at 239.00. I exited the trade with a trailing stop at 258.00
on June 25 with $1800 profit minus my $40 commission. Trade potential
was $3,100."
Mike T. Connecticut

NOTE: All user experiences are unique and no guarantees are made that
you can achieve similar results.
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Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but
also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be
willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options
markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is
neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No
representation is being made that any account will or is likely to
achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site.
The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not
necessarily indicative of future results.


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